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How we built a digital experience to match Sei Mani's innovative approach

The Customer Story

Sei Mani is a social collaboration services provider. They 'make work as easy as play' by unlocking the value of collaboration technologies to create extraordinarily high levels of user participation. Sei Mani was founded to address the massive gap between the expectation of enterprises’ investment in collaboration technologies and the reality of too few people using them.

The Driver for Change

Sei Mani is by it's very nature, Digital.  Working digitally and collboratively every day with it's clients, Sei Mani is the "go to" resource for Enterprise organisations Worldwide for all things Digital and Online, for collaboration and team-based communication tools.  In order to maintain this brand perception and reputation, Sei Mani had a very pressing need to ensure their website reflected this contemporary, cutting-edge, digital experience.

Solutions Delivered

Working closely with the Sei Mani team, we built a custom website that reflected their contemporary approach by using the very latest techniques for navigation, user experience, and mobile optimisation. This coupled with the designer's flair for integrating the Sei mani brand with youthful and contemporary imagery, made for a unique, and fresh website experience for Sei Mani clients and prospects alike.

Sei Mani image.

The Results Achieved

Just a few weeks since launch and engagement around the website and it's intuitive interface is on the rise.  Coupling the launch of the new website with an email marketing and content delivery strategy, again working with LTF's digital marketing team, has meant increases in traffic, interaction and feedback from prospects and existing clients too.

Leon Benjamin, Founder, Sei Mani

The LTF team provide a rare combination of creative artists and web mechanics. This means they can invent web designs and user experiences perfectly aligned to the underlying technology that brings them to life. They have particular skills in converting complex ideas and themes into simple, compelling designs. They are also a bit good at building communities (or social media adoption) and community building talent is the most precious resource in the modern world.

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