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How we built a complete online job and customer management system

The Customer Story

Phoenix County Metals is a very unique business. Precious Metal Reclamation is the highly specialised chemical process of extracting precious metals from seemingly impossible materials and objects, and returning that value to the owners. Phoenix is a family-run, well established business, with a history spanning more than 30 years.

The Driver for Change

Previously Phoenix Metals had engaged LTF to shape their brand via marketing collateral and their online presence, website etc. But over the 7 years that we’ve known them, we’ve gotten to know their business very well and so had suggested that it might be possible to build systems and automation to make their business more efficient, and make succession planning in the family much smoother.

Solutions Delivered

Following our well proven scoping process and technical specification, LTF was able to map out a system that would replace 30 years worth of paper and box files with a new, completely bespoke, online job processing and customer communications application.

Creating a fully mobile optimised web application, tailored from the ground up, allowed Phoenix to replace their paper systems within 6 months.

We called the system “MIDAS” (because, ya know… “Gold” ;0)

MIDAS for Phoenix County Metals image.

The Results Achieved

24 months in with the new system and Phoenix have all but completed their succession planning to a new generation of Management, and are growing the business with the help of the automation and digital systems we’ve delivered and continue to support.  

The user experience for both staff and customers have improved thanks to MIDAS.

Lucy Tee, Operations Manager, Phoenix County Metals.

"Look Touch & Feel did an amazing job with MIDAS and made the whole process stress free. We received regular progress reports via email/phone and all our queries were dealt with quickly. Thank You!"

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